Family Hire Hut - Cabin no 2

For 2 adults or 1-2 adults and 1-2 children

Log cabin no 2 on the car-free tent area, campsite Müllerwiese
Hire cabin no 2 at the car-free tentsite

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Log cabin no 2 is situated on the front part of the car-free tent area at campsite Müllerwiese.

Here you will find a map on which the wooden hut no. 2 is marked.

Log cabin for families with children
Log cabin 2 and the car-free tent area

The cabin has an interior (3,5 x 3,5 meters) with windows at three sides and one front-door as well as a covered veranda (1,2 x 3,5 meters).

At one side of the hut (direction to the little mountain brook) there is a lawn.

The tentsite at campsite Müllerwiese

In the interior of the log cabin there are 2 bunk beds for 4 persons with slatted bedframes and mattresses (0,90 x 2,00 meters) as well as places to sit and a table.

The beds are not suitable for very large or very heavy persons!

Interior of cabin 2

Interior log cabin 2 ..Interior of the hire hut 2

The interior has a ceiling lamp.

All 3 windows are to open and have blinds which can be closed at night.

If requested a heater can be installed in the interior for a daily charge.

Hire hut no 2

Sideboard at the cabin no 2

The covered veranda has an outside lamp.

There you will find a sideboard on which you are able to prepare your meals.

Front view of cabin no 2
Camping cabin no 2

Things which are available in the cabin no 2 ...


2 bunk beds (4 beds; 0,90 x 2,00 meters).

Places to sit and 1 table. If requested 1 heater.

Veranda and lawn:

Places to sit and 1 table.

1 sideboard.

1 electric cooker (double hotplate).

Interior of cabin 2

Things you should bring along ...

You should bring all things along, you normally need also for tent holidays,

with the exception of a tent, mattresses, electric cooker, chairs, table.

Do not forget:

Sheets, quilts, duvet cover, pillows, pillow-cases or sleeping bags, probably deckchairs,

kitchen things, knife fork and spoon, pots.

Car-free tent area at campsite Müllerwiese

What you will find in the neighbourhood of the cabin ...

Sanitary facilities:

Drinking water supply: 10 m,

a small sanitary block with toilets, shower cubicles, washbasin and washing-up points in 50 meters,

another sanitary block with shower rooms in 100 meters at the caravan area.


In a distance of 100 - 300 meters there are restaurants where you could have meals or breakfast.


In a distance of 100 - 300 meters you will find a bakery, butcher´s shop, a food store,

a chemist's shop, a beverage shop, a bank and the tourist office.

Playing area for children

In a distance of 50 meters on the tent area there is a sunny playground with some playing apparatus,

in 20 meters there is a spot at a small brook where children can splash around,

in 200 m in the spa gardens there is a very large playground for young and old.

Parking area for your car: 30 meters

Interior cabin 2 ..cabin no 2: entrance

At last some further points...

Number of persons:

We are offering the cabin no 2 to 1-2 adults

or to 1-2 adults with 1 or 2 children.

Places ti sit in front of cabin 2

What is not allowed:

The smoking of cigarettes, pipes or cigars.

All kinds of open fire within the interior and on the covered veranda.

The use of gas cookers, gas grills or charcoal grills is not allowed.

However, a grill you can use on the lawn in front of the hut.

It is strictly forbidden to use your own heater.

A heater can be lended at the camping reception office.

Car-free tent area with hut no 2
Tent area with hut no 2

Prices per night

2 adults or 2 ad. + 1 child or 1 ad. + 2 children 47.00 EUR
2 adults + 1 young person (15-17 y.) 51.00 EUR
Additional child (up to 14 y.) 6.00 EUR
Additional young person (15-17 y.) 10.00 EUR
Resort tax (adults) 2.00 EUR
Additional single charge 1st night 20.00 EUR
If requested: heater per night 7.00 EUR

Security 50,00 €
Repayment when leaving the cabin in perfect condition.

The cabin is bookable from 1 May until 31 August

Minimum stay:

Period May - June: 3 nights

Period July - August: 5 nights

Campsite Müllerwiese: tent area with hire hut no 2


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