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Holiday resort Enzklösterle
Panoramic view of Enzklösterle

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The Black Forest campsite Müllerwiese is situated within the idyllic health resort Enzklösterle (1300 inhabitants), Southwest Germany.

Located along the bank of the river Enz, the campground is embedded in the holiday center of the Nature Reserve Black Forest Middle-North between Bad Wildbad (13 km) and Freudenstadt (25 km).

Caravan area at campsite Müllerwiese
Caravan area

Surrounded by rustling woods, crystal clear water sources, brooks, lakes, meadows and untouched moors with a unique flora and fauna, Enzklösterle is ideal for holidaying any time of year.

The Hirschtal-valley at Enzklösterle
The Hirschtal at Enzklösterle, 600 m away from the campsite

Nearly 90 % of the municipal district of Enzklösterle is covered by fir wood. The altitude ranges between 600 and 917 meters above sea level.

Our municipality splits up into the main village Enzklösterle with our camping park Müllerwiese and the small villages Poppeltal (with lake Poppelsee, mountain slide),

Gompelscheuer (source of river Enz, lake Kaltenbachsee) and Nonnenmiss. Our village extends over eight kilometers along the river Enz and into nine side valleys.

Campsite Müllerwiese

Being situated in the center of the main village Enzklösterle, the Müllerwiese offers numerous opportunities for shopping, restaurant visits and leisure-time activities.

Caravan area of the campsite with the main sanitary block

Bakery with groceries, butcher´s, shops as well as restaurants and cafés are to reach by walking within a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes (300 - 500m).

Holiday resort Enzklösterle

The camping & caravan park is located between extended green spaces and in the center of the Black Forest Nature Park.

Therefore, peace and relaxation is guaranteed and you are staying in the center of a climatic health resort.

Car-free tentsite
Car-free tent area and reception house

850 years ago already the monks have been inspired by the marvellous surroundings of Enzklösterle.

Here in our Enz-Valley you will find a lot of Black Forest history about charcoal burners, resin tappers, lampblack burners, log raftsmen and whitemakers.

Attractions like the soot hut in Enzklösterle as well as events will tell you a lot on ancient forest crafts.

Camping Müllerwiese: Caravan-Area
Enzklösterle with campsite Müllerwiese

The monastery is no longer there, but the sunny high-lying Enz valley with its fresh and oxygenous air promises you a sensation of nature of the original North Black Forest and a unique holiday.

Enzklösterle in winter

By the way the new Black Forest National Park is just around the corner - so go for it!

The Enz valley at Enzklösterle
Enzklösterle mountains Schneckenkopf and Hirschkopf

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