Excursion tips in the northern Black Forest

Because of its central location within the northern Black Forest, Enzklösterle represents an ideal starting point for wonderful excursions to the surroundings.

Have a look at the destinations you can easily reach on foot or by car. Using your guest card you can drive with the public service buses free of charge.

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Lakes Poppelsee and Kaltenbachsee (5 km)

Lake Kaltenbachsee nearby Enzklösterle
Lake Kaltenbachsee, 5 km from campsite Müllerwiese

Neighbouring to the mountain slide, the idyllic lake Poppelsee is situated.

Like the Kaltenbachsee nearby Enzklösterle-Gompelscheuer it has been installed by the Black Forest raftsmen in bygone times.

Nowadays, both romantic lakes represent ideal destinations for hikers.

"Wildsee" and "Hohloh" Moor (8 km)

The extended nature reserves (altitude 900 m) include two moor lake complexes and represent the largest sphagnum bog in Germany with unique flora and fauna.

Starting at the camping park Müllerwiese the famous Hohloh-moor is easily reachable on foot in two hours or by car in 10 minutes.

Lake Wildsee nearby Kaltenbronn
Nature Reserve Wildseemoor nearby Kaltenbronn

Kaltenbronn and Kaiser-Wilhelm-Tower (8 km)

Located at 800 - 1000 m altidude the even plateau Hohloh-Kaltenbronn represents a very popular hiking area.

Extended hiking and cross-country trails through moors and woods as well as restaurants are making the Kaltenbronn to an attractive destination.

The neighbouring Kaiser-Wilhelm-Tower offers a fascinating view of the Rhine valley, the Vosges, the Black Forest, the Swabian Jura and with high visibility even of the Alps.

Kaltenbronn: Nature information center
Nature information center Kaltenbronn

Worth to visit is the Nature information center Kaltenbronn at Kaltenbronn.

There is an interactive exhibition on the geological and biological specifications of our region, the woods and the Black Forest moorlands.

Biological excursions are offering a lot of interesting features of the nature reserve nearby our resort.

Besenfeld (9 km)

The neighbouring village Besenfeld (800 m altitude) is easy to reach by bus free of charge with your obligatory guestcard. There you will find 2 recommended hiking trails.

The Nature and adventure trail (8 km long) leads you along 17 information points where one can learn a lot about animals and plants of the woods.

Along the Fountain promenade of Besenfeld you will find 13 historic and modern fountains of the village.

Bad Wildbad (12 km)

In the spa gardens of Bad Wildbad: the english church
English Church in the spa gardens of Bad Wildbad

The only national thermal spa in the Black Forest promises a great bathing pleasure.

Recommendations: The princely sauna baths Palais Thermal, the wellbeing bathes at the Vital Therme, the cable railway up the mount Sommerberg and the wanderer restaurant Grünhütte.

Further attractions on mount Sommerberg are the Downhill Bikepark, the Black Forest Treetop Path and the new Wildline Suspension Bridge.

Bad Wildbad is easily to reach by using the public service bus free of charge with your obligatory guest card.

Pedestrian Zone of Bad Wildbad and Palais Thermal
Bad Wildbad: Palais Thermal and pedestrian zone

Altensteig (15 km)

The small town Altensteig with its medieval centre, fortress and castle is an ideal destination for persons interested in culture.

The health resort offers different cure and leisure facilities like the outdoor swimming pool and invites you to visit stage performances and concerts.

Near Altensteig is the small town of Berneck, also of medieval origin it shows a fully preserved fortified castle complex.

The small city of Altensteig
Small city of Altensteig with castle and church

Reichental (15 km)

Reichental is an idyllic mountain village situated at the slopes of the "Murg"-valley below the "Hohloh"-massif.

There is one of the most beautiful open-air swimming pools in our area with a wonderful view at the surrounded mountains and valleys.

Reichental swimming pool
Open-air swimming pool at Reichental

Reservoir of the river Nagold: The "Erzgrube" (18 km)

Located within the delightful valley of the river "Nagold" the reservoir extends along a 2 km stretch.

In summer the lake invites for swimming, diving, surfing, boating and is recommended to families with children.

Reservoir of the river Nagold

Neubulach (20 km)

At the small town above the "Nagold"-valley the old silver mine serves nowadays as adventure-mine and represents a widely known attraction.

Woods and lake
Lake "Wilder See" in the Black Forest National Park

Black Forest National Park (20 - 40 km)

An overwhelming experience of nature is offering the Black Forest National Park in close proximity to our holiday region.

Air distance 10 km or 30 - 45 minutes by car.

Freudenstadt (25 km)

Market place in Freudenstadt

Situated on a wide open plateau (altitude 700-1000 m) the climatic health resort is known for its very expanded market place which is skirted by arcades.

Worth seeing is the historic silver-mine "Friedrichs-Fundgrube" as well as the famous Panoramabad with its numerous possibilities for bathing as well as the Experimenta.

Freudenstadt is easily to reach by using the public service bus free of charge with your obligatory guest card.

Baiersbronn (25 km)

At the holiday resort in the "Murg"-valley the "Wilhelm Hauff"-fairytales museum will take you along into the world of the most famous fairytales of the Black Forest.

Neuenbürg (25 km)

The small, medieval "Enz"-town near "Pforzheim" invites you to visit the historic ore mine "Frischglück".

During the summer months interesting events concerning the topic "historic ore mining" are presented.

From the ore mine there is a small path leading to the old and new castle of Neuenbürg which are also worth to visit.

Gernsbach (27 km)


The old town in northern Baden also called the "pearl of the Murg-valley" offers a spectacular historic town centre with impressive remains of the old city wall.

Above the city is the Eberstein castle with a first-class restaurant and a private winery.

Zavelstein / Bad Teinach (27 km)

As the smallest city in Germany, the historic town with impressive castle ruins and a beautiful little old town is located above the Nagold valley near Bad Teinach.

In March you can admire thousands and thousands of blooming crocuses here.

Calw und Hirsau (28 km)

The thoroughly restored old part of the formerly most important trade and commercial centre of the northern Black Forest with its numerous half-timbered houses is worth a visit.

At the neighbouring, impressive ruin of the monastery complex of Hirsau are open-air concerts in July and August. Reachable with free public service bus.

Dornstetten (30 km)

The barefoot park at Dornstetten offers a special experience for all who like to feel a lot of different sensations at their feet.

Black Forest Panoramic Mountain-Road (35 km)

Lake Mummelsee
Lake Mummelsee nearby the Schwarzwald-Hochstraße

Starting at Baden-Baden, the panoramic road "Schwarzwald-Hochstraße" runs along the main mountain range of the northern Black Forest to Freudenstadt.

At the mountain road (altitude 1000 m) the famous lake "Mummelsee", the "Ruhestein" pass, the "Kniebis" massif and the new Black Forest National Park are located.

On the Ruhestein it is worth visiting the National Park Center.

Pforzheim (38 km)

A very interesting beauty spot for families with children exists at the "goldtown Pforzheim" with its spacious game park (over 15 hectare).

A lot of native as well as exotic species are living there like lynx, wild boar, bison, deer, wild horse or llama.

Baden-Baden (40 km)

Once being the meeting place of the european crowned heads, the world-famous spa town with its palaces, villas and magnificent hotels today has still kept much of the glory of the Belle Epoque.

The classicistic "Kurhaus" represents one of the most beautiful, famous and oldest casinos in the world.

Furthermore, the "Caracalla-Thermen" invite you to a luxurious bathing experience or you can take the mountain railway to mount Merkur to enjoy the spectacular view.

Trinkhalle Baden-Baden
Baden-Baden: "Trinkhalle"

Alpirsbach (40 km)

Church of the Monastery Alpirsbach

15 km to the south of Freudenstadt the town Alpirsbach shows a unique historic monument of the Black Forest in the shape of the romanesque monastery church.

It was built during the 11th century by Benedictine monks. Nowadays concerts are given inside the famous building.

Black Forest bear and wolf park (45 km)

Bear and Wolf park..Wolf im Wolf- und Bärenpark Schwarzwald

The alternative bear and wolf park is situated at Bad Rippoldsau-Schapbach in the middle part of the Black Forest.

The visitors can observe the wolves and bears in an almost 10 hectares wide natural area.

Youtube Video: Bear and wolf park in the Black Forest

Karlsruhe (50 km)

Botanical Garden Karlsruhe
Botanical Garden in Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe, the capital of Baden, is situated at the northern end of the Black Forest within the Rhine valley.

All streets of the town are running fan-shaped towards the castle which is a wonderful building like its example at Versaille.

In the botanical garden and in the historic show greenhouses, visitors enjoy a fascinating idyll and marvel at exotic plants.

Maulbronn (50 km)

Over 850 years old, the Cistercian monastery Maulbronn represents the best preserved medieval monastery complex north of the Alps.

This UNESCO-world cultural heritage shows all stylistic periods from the Romanticism to the late Gothic.

Maulbronne monastery

Tübingen (60 km)

In the "Neckar"-valley nearby the the Swabian Jura the old University town Tübingen is situated.

The vast number of students and the thoroughly restored medieval centre gives to the town an unmistakable charm mixed of old architecture, young lifestyle and a rich program of cultural events.

25 km to the south of Tübingen the famous castle Hohenzollern nearby the town "Hechingen" is located which fascinates each visitor by its appearance as a big old knight's castle.

View of Tübingen and river Neckar
Tübingen, mediavel town center and river Neckar

Traditional Black Forest farmhouses in the Gutach-valley (65 km)

In the valleys of the rivers "Gutach", "Wolfach" and "Kinzig" in the middle Black Forest region the old traditional farmhouses are still present.

In the "Gutach"-valley the 430 years old farmhouse "Vogtsbauernhaus" represent the center of a very interesting open-air museum.

Triberg (85 km)

Waterfall in Triberg

Nearby the town "Triberg", which is also called the pearl of the middle Black Forest region, the highest waterfalls in Germany are located.

Through a narrow gorge over 7 cascades and 163 meters difference in altitude the water of the river "Gutach" is falling down to the valley basin.

On planks and footbridges the gorge can be discoverd.

Strasbourg (90 km)


Not only the famous cathedral and the impressive mediaeval centre are so special about the capital of Alsace.

But also the mixture of French charm and Alemannic tradition.

Europe-Park Rust (100 km)

The widely-known amusement park "Rust" is located in the Rhine valley to the south of the town "Offenburg".

It will lead you into a breathtaking world of fairytales with whitewater slide, haunted house, knight's games, ice show and many other attractions.

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