Car-free Tent Site

The small campsite at the river Enz with the special Camping flair.
Car-free, natural and child-friendly.

car-free tent area

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Tent area

The even grassy camping site along the banks of the small mountain brooks Enz and Hirschbach is reserved during summer time only for our tent guests.

There are sites with sun and shade along the brook "Enz" with its trees (right side) and there are real sunny sites on the opposite terrain (left side on the picture above).

Bridge over the little brook Hirschbach

For reasons of noise protection and the improvement of the well-being of our guests and their children, only tents and bicycles are allowed on the tent site.

The tent area is not accessible by cars, motorbikes, tent trailers, caravans and campers.

The cars and motorbikes can be parked within sight in front of the tent area, 50 m away. Using one of our handcarts it will be easy for you to transport your luggage.

The camping terrain is situated within the center of our holiday resort Enzklösterle, far away from noisy streets and it is surrounded by shrubs, trees and a lot of green.

From your tent you will enjoy a spectecular view of the surrounding northern Black Forest landscape and hear the murmuring mountain brooks.

Cool car-free tent area
Looking east over the tent area

At two distribution boxes electricity (10 ampère) is available.

You need the blue camping CEE-euro plugs and a 50 m extension lead.

Tent site at night
The tent area in a summer night

At a tap on the tent area drinking water can be filled up.

A new small sanitary block with showers, toilets and separate washbasins is about 50 - 100 m away from your tent.

In a distance of 150 - 200 m you will find the sanitary facilities of the caravan area.

Tent area and playing ground at campsite Müllerwiese

On the rear eastern terrain of the tent area there is a small sunny playground for children with different equipments like table tennis, swings, seesaw and others.

On the front part of the tent area there is situated a nice small playing area at the mountain brook Hirschbach where children may easy to get to.

But not only children like it to splash around and to make a hydrotherapy in clear spring water on hot summer days.

Mountain brook on the tentsite

Tent site

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Tentsite Müllerwiese, Enzklösterle, Black Forest

Car-free tentsite

Map of the car free tent site of Camping Müllerwiese

Car-free tent site, camping Müllerwiese

If you have questions about the car-free tent area or if you would like to book a camping site during high season, please, fill out our form and send us an
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Opening Period during the year:
The car-free tent area is open from May to mid September.

Of course the caravan site is opened for tent guests too.

Tentsite Müllerwiese

The campsite and especially the car-free tent area are described in the books Cool Camping Europe (2009) and Cool Camping Deutschland (2012).

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