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Lake Huzenbachersee, National Park, lake view from the glacial cirque wall

The only national park in south-west Germany has an area of 10,000 hectares and extends along the famous Black Forest Panoramic Road (Schwarzwald-Hochstrasse).

In this fascinating natural area of the highlands of the northern Black Forest nature is left to its own and man is only an interested observer.

On foot, by bike or on a guided field trip, you can admire the freed nature.

Website of the National Park

Wilder See
Glacial cirque lake "Wilder See" nearby the Ruhestein

Our campsite is situated only 10 km air distance from the national park border.

By car you can reach the national park in 30 minutes, the center of the park in 45 minutes.

As a guest of the Müllerwiese you can also use your guest card to go by bus or train free of charge.

Waterfalls at Allerheiligen
Allerheiligen Waterfalls

You can discover the fascination of primeval landscapes in which threatened species now are protected against human intervention.

The park offers lakes formed by glaciers of former ice ages, high moorlands, old protected forests and the heath landscape of the mountain tops.

In future it is allowed to adventure hikers and cyclists to get rare insights into natural development processes of our largest low mountain range in Germany.

Wilderness Path
The Wilderness Trail offers a unique nature experience for the whole family

The Wilderness Path on the Plättig and the Lothar Trail lead through forest areas, which are no longer cultivated since the hurricane Lothar (1999).

An unbridled nature develops into a fantastic wilderness.

Spotted salamander
National Park: Spotted Salamander

The national park offers rare species as for example:

Tengmalm's Owl, Pygmy Owl, Three-Toed Woodpecker, Citril Finch, Ring Ouzel, Capercaillie, Pine Marten, Garden Dormouse.

The National Park gives to these species now a sufficiently large habitat, so their survival might be further secured.

Woods nearby Huzenbach

The Black Forest-typical fir-beech mixed woodlands growing on the acidic red sandstone soils in a rough, cool-humid mountain climate.

These special kind of forests allow the growth of rare club moss, fern, moss and fungal species.

Lothar trail
The Lothar trail - an adventure path that was built after the storm Lothar (1999)

Over time, the proportion of dead wood in the national park increases again and becomes an important habitat for numerous endangered insect, fungus and lichen species.

The new national park in future is becoming a small primeval forest and a very special gem in an otherwise for forestry intensively used Black Forest.

Mount Schliffkopf, south view over the heath grasslands ("Grinden")

As a guest at our campsite you can reach the new National Park quickly and then you will experience as hiker or biker the famous German forest in its most pristine form.

Lynx in the Black Forest
A lynx model on the Lynx Path

The once exterminated lynx is reported in the Black Forest again.

The Lynx Path would like to inform and explain about the lifestyle and habitat of the brush ears.

Especially families with children can enjoy a varied play and adventure program.

The Lynx Path
Move on the adventurous Lynx Path

Deep and old forests cover gentle mountains, quiet bogs alternate with dark glacial cirque lakes.

The summits of the Black Forest mountains where the typical heath grasslands are (the "Grinden"), offer stunning panoramas.

From there you can see to the Rhine Valley or to the Alps (on clear days).

Lake Mummelsee
The legendary lake Mummelsee in the vicinity of the National Park (1028 m asl)

Discover the unique new nature experience in south-west Germany!

Red deer
Red Deer

In the new national park our guests are invited to see, to be amazed and to experience the nature.

The national park management group offers a wide range of events and guided excursions, so you can get close to nature and learn background knowledge.

The event program can be found on the Website of the National Park.

mountain chain in the northern Black Forest
View over the mountains and lake "Wildsee"

Map of Baden-Württemberg
South-west Germany and the Black Forest National Park

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